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about us

Welcome to Blezure – where you’ll find smart, stylish, sophisticated suitcase covers for your business and leisure travel adventures.  Whether you’re the CEO of your own business or a key member of a corporation we know that when you travel, you want:

  • To look smart, stylish, and professional
  • To feel important, confident, and capable
  • To enjoy useful items that make travel fun and easy, and
  • Most importantly, you want to enjoy your trip.

Aloha.  My name is Angie and I am the founder and designer of Blezure products.  I design and manufacture our gorgeous luxury travel suitcase covers to help you look and feel like the polished, professional travel pro that you are.

Why I Created Blezure
Even though I generally travel by plane only once or twice a year – and it must be in first class – I was inspired to design luggage covers because I was recently embarrassed once again by my own ugly, boring black 10-year old luggage.

My suitcase was in good shape, it  just needed some serious curb appeal. On my last two trips (one to Austin, Texas in May 2019, and one to Budapest, Hungary in October 2018) I looked for something other than a pompom, luggage tag, or a unique luggage strap not only to spruce up my shabby yet unchic suitcase, but to help me find it faster in the baggage claim area. (One can never exit an airport fast enough.)

I purposely looked in several airport shops but I couldn’t find anything – the salespeople only wanted to sell me a new suitcase.  As I looked around at other women’s luggage, I was surprised and little saddened to see how utterly plain, boring, and ugly most luggage had become. 

Even the expensive brands offer only solid colors; black, grey, blue, red, black, black, black, and various shades of – you guessed it – black.  The suitcase industry seems so devoid of personality I can only assume that men have been designing suitcases for women for the past 100 years.

What’s a designer to do, except design something I would want to use when I travel. Not just to cover up the scuff marks (thanks, airport baggage handlers) but give it some sign of personality.  I always want to look stylish and professional when I travel, and I think most women who travel regularly for business probably feel the same.


Blezure Luxury-Inspired Suitcase Covers - Palm Tree Pattern

Hello, why would I want boring black luggage when I live in Hawaii?  That’s just sad.  That’s why my first two designs are inspired by iconic Hawaii themes: pineapples and palm trees.  Gorgeous golden icons in a timeless pattern against a solid black background. Classic.  

The third design is inspired by ski resorts – what else could it be except snowflakes. White snowflakes against a solid navy-blue background. I would love to vacation at a ski resort, except I don’t ski and I hate being cold.


Blezure Luxury-Inspired Suitcase Covers - Anchor Pattern

The fourth design (coming soon) is inspired by a cruise to Mexico that my husband and I took a few years ago. I chose a timeless nautical theme of white anchors against a navy-blue background.

After that, I have a few more design ideas on the whiteboard – other iconic destinations, business themes like pinstripes or plaid, geometric shapes, camouflage, or perhaps animal prints. 



But, I’d really like to know WHAT STYLES YOU WOULD LIKE to buy and use for your travel adventures.  

  • Did you visit our website looking for a specific theme or pattern that you didn’t find?
  • Would you like to turn your boring old black luggage into a stylish, sophisticated suitcase you can be proud of?
  • Would you like to give me design ideas so I can create suitcase covers that you would love to use?
  • Please take this questionnaire and let me know what you’re looking for.  Thank you.