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Your suitcase deserves more style.

Fashion is what you're offered
four times a year by designers.
Style is what you choose.

Style is something each of us already has.
All we have to do is find it.

People will stare.
Make it worth their while.

Why Choose Blezure


The U.S. Transportation Security Administration says luggage covers are perfectly OK

Easy to Use

Even if TSA has to open your suitcase, our convenient covers are easy to slip on and off

Protect Your Investments

Protect your luggage from dirt, dings, dents, scuff marks, scratches, scrapes, and even inclement weather like rain, snow, or sleet

Suitcase Security

No one can take anything from or put anything into the exterior pockets of your suitcase

Airport Efficiency

Find your luggage faster in the airport baggage claim area

Designed with Your Brand in Mind

Covers are designed to fit all major luggage brands

Suitable Styles

Choose a style that suits your destination, whether it's a business meeting or a beach vacation

Matching Styles

Make the different brands, styles, sizes, and colors of luggage look like a matching family set

Plus, Free Shipping to U.S. Customers

Easy To Use

How to Select Your Size

Design Details

Choose Your Style

Easy to Clean